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Das Bild zeigt Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner in einer sitzenden Position. Er trägt ein blaues Hemd und einen klassischen dunkelblauen Businessanzug. Der Hintergrund ist unscharf und daher nicht genau zu erkennen. Heinz Peter Wallner trägt eine Brille ohne Rahmen.

Learning to change

Führungskräftetraining, Strategie- und Changeberatung

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Do you have leadership responsibility? If you have the feeling that leadership is becoming more and more complex and that new problems are constantly coming up, then you have come to the right place. Welcome!.

My task is to accompany managers to a “higher level” where they can master the new challenges brought about by the intensive change much better and with joy. In order for this to succeed, I support companies and organizations in the process of change, towards more agility and a lived value culture. My credo is: „Learning to change“.

Preparing managers for the new, highly complex times.

Create vibrant organizations that shake off the dust of bureaucracy. We call this viable organization.

Take a look at my video: Self-Leadership is the entry into the modern, agile leadership world!

My current books, if you are looking for an easy start and inspiration (German).

The beginning

To get to the higher level, you need a good development program. I can offer you a variety of entry points. Access is easy through my articles, free video resources and my books. If you have enough confidence for a small investment, I offer you digital development tools that you can try out on your own. Or you can easily book Peter! .



If you feel the need for “learning to change”, please contact me immediately for an initial dialouge. I offer you individually tailored development programs for managers and the accompanying organizational development, so that the project will certainly achieve its effect in the company. I look forward to accompanying you!


Why you should work with me?


Read what my customers say

“Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner accompanies us in an important cultural development process. We greatly appreciate his expertise as a consultant and management trainer and his empathic approach to people. If the situation requires it, he also works with unusual but effective approaches.“

Mag.a Ute Steinbacher, CEO, Steinbacher Dämmstoffe GmbH

„Developing leadership culture – with Heinz Peter Wallner we have found the right companion. With empathy and appreciation he manages to encourage, challenge and inspire our managers in the Leadership Program, to make them curious about who they are and who they could become. An extremely attentive listener who patiently picks up the people he works with exactly where they are.”

Mag.a Doris Korcak, Human Resources Development, legero united

“Due to the good preparation and the stimulating moderation and facilitation of our creative workshops, innovative ideas with a feasible implementation strategy could be worked out together. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to further good cooperation.“

Mag.a Ulrike Prommer, Geschäftsführerin, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner – „pure analog“ and „highly digital“ – Leadership Trainer and Consultant - Learning to change!

This post is also available in: German