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Organizational development, corporate culture and leadership culture

With my services in organizational development and organizational consulting I support companies and organizations on the way to an agile, viable organization.

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Behavioural culture or value culture?

Are you also trying in vain to bring about a cultural change at the level of people’s behaviour? If you do not really succeed in this, there is no need to worry. Behavioural cultures that are controlled by rules are no longer sufficient today. The complexity of the times and the profound change require a lived value culture. It therefore makes much more sense to think about a true cultural change. But because this is always a long and costly process, it is important to clarify whether your strategies require such a change. If that is the case, and it is really often the case today, then the only way out is cultural transformation. And this is clear: it is an exciting undertaking to create and bring to life a new world of values in your company.

Leadership cultures are the beginning

New worlds of values always begin with a new world of leadership. What the leaders do not exemplify will never be able to develop into a culture within the organisation. Decide on a living leadership culture, an agile world of leadership that recognizes people as human beings and brings them into dialogue.

Customer voice “Organizational development”

„Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner accompanies us in an important cultural development process. We greatly appreciate his expertise as a consultant and management trainer and his empathic approach to people. If the situation requires it, he also works with unusual but effective approaches.“

CEO, Mag. Ute Steinbacher, Steinbacher Dämmstoffe GmbH

My services in organizational development and organizational consulting:

Cultural change – developing lived value cultures:

Accompanying change and transformation processes (example: mergers of departments, groups, teams)
Cultural transformations and value change, development of a value culture
Value worlds for organisations, development of effective principles, mission statements and leadership principles

Organizational development and organizational consulting – implementing agile forms of organization:

Organizational design and organizational consulting with the “Viable System Model®” = model of a viable, agile organization

I have been working with this organizational model for more than 10 years. So we can call it the “mother of agile organization”. The model can be applied to any company or organization, including administrations and bureaucracies that want to renew themselves. We then call it the “agile administration”.

Moderation of meetings and development processes – ensuring success:

Facilitation of development processes, bringing people into dialogue, large group conferences
Facilitation of retreats (management retreats, strategy retreats, annual retreats, departmental retreats)

What is the corporate culture?

  • The interaction and effect of the values of an organisation is called culture
  • Culture is a memory that stores experiences in “values”
  • Culture creates naturalness and consists of habits
  • Culture plays on contradictions, it provides for development
  • Culture carries an aporia, it wants to preserve and wants to change
  • No company can choose its culture, which is effective within it
  • It is pointless to demand a certain culture via a mission statement
  • Certain values cannot be lived on demand

Why is a value culture so important?

  • Firstly, values are the basis of the corporate culture and this is decisive for success.
  • Secondly, values shape the attractiveness of jobs. And attractiveness is now more important than loyalty. “Talents” are attracted by values.
  • Third, in a time of high dynamics and increasing complexity, values are the only “constant” in companies.
  • Fourth, the sense of doing business is becoming an increasingly central issue for long-term success. What contribution do we make to the development of the world?

About change in companies

  • Change in the sense of development is also a self-organized process of an organization (life cycles, maturity level, …)
  • Change can be hindered and is often prevented; i.e. the natural maturing process often needs a significant correction (adaptation, acceleration, …)
  • In any case, the self-organised change process is slower today than the high dynamics of the economy requires
  • Changes often have to be made so that the company adapts “its complexity” to the “complexity of the environment” and thus adequately addresses its problems
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    This post is also available in: German