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Mag.a Doris Korcak, Human Resources Development

„Developing leadership culture – with Heinz Peter Wallner we have found the right companion. With empathy and appreciation he manages to encourage, challenge and inspire our managers in the Leadership Program, to make them curious about who they are and who they could become. An extremely attentive listener who patiently picks up the people he works with exactly where they are. Humour, composure and a curious attitude characterise him, as well as a sound knowledge of the demands on managers in an agile and complex world. Thanks to his many years of training experience, he conveys the security that people need to take development steps. We have found in him not only a partner on the topic of leadership, but also someone who moderates strategy processes with great attention and thus accompanies the change of the company. Many thanks for the excellent cooperation.“

Mag.a Ute Steinbacher, CEO, Steinbacher Dämmstoffe GmbH

“Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner accompanies us in an important cultural development process. We greatly appreciate his expertise as a consultant and management trainer and his empathic approach to people. If the situation requires it, he also works with unusual but effective approaches.“

Mag.a Barbara Wallner, CEO

„Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner has been supporting us for 9 years in strategy and organisational development. He supports us in leadership issues, in moderation and coaching. He thus makes a significant contribution to the further development of our employees and the company as a whole, which can be proudly described as economically stable, sustainable and future-oriented. We would like to emphasize that we have already organized many workshops with Dr. Wallner as facilitator. On the one hand, we have experienced many cheerful hours together in the development of topics. On the other hand, he has always succeeded in motivating employees to work on their own future. Dr. Wallner is also an absolute expert in new, innovative methods, which enables us to find modern solutions in the sense of a progressive company. I can only recommend Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner to others.“

Mag.a Ulrike Prommer, Geschäftsführerin, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

“Due to the good preparation and the stimulating moderation and facilitation of our creative workshops, innovative ideas with a feasible implementation strategy could be worked out together. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to further good cooperation.“

Mag. Klaus Kreisel, Unternehmer, Kreisel Group

“Through the cooperation with Heinz Peter Wallner, an exciting structure has been created, which is now available in the form of a corporate concept, and which was developed with the participation of many employees and leaders. Clear professional support in a transition process, great workshops and clear presentation of complex contents. I particularly appreciate the fact that it gives me the feeling of being able to maintain an overview even in difficult situations and that it is within my grasp.”

Director Werner Bogendorfer, BVAEB (ehem. VAEB Wien)

„Heinz Peter Wallner is a management consultant and leadership trainer with brain, heart and passion. To be present without disturbing and to perceive things that are unspoken is for me one of his most remarkable qualities. Great empathy paired with a good feeling for people are for me optimal conditions for a successful consulting performance. Peter Wallner possesses these qualities in addition to his already broad knowledge. For more than 20 years he has been accompanying people and organisations in various development processes. Driven by the ideas of holistic development and corporate sustainability, he has developed many extraordinary concepts and strategies and published them in several non-fiction books. His approaches in consulting and leadership training are always at the pulse of time, inspiring and often surprising. For several years now, I have valued him as a consultant, as a person and as an interesting dialogue partner whose input has an impact and stimulates thinking. An extremely effective consultant and trainer!

Ing. Werner Lugitsch, Unternehmer, e-Lugitsch – Florian Lugitsch KG

“I have had a long cooperation with Heinz Peter Wallner. During these years, there have been retreats, workshops, meetings and intensive exchanges of ideas that have always brought up new ideas, new perspectives on existing processes, broke up old structures and thus made change in my company possible. Especially important to me when working with Heinz Peter Wallner is the holistic view he brings to the table and, although very complex, he can present in a simple way. This always results in completely new ideas and possibilities for the development of my company. Last but not least, the joint work has also brought us awards, such as first place as a company in the field of “sustainable management” in Styria.”

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    This post is also available in: German