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Leadership training for a complex world

Are you looking for a partner in leadership & management development? I support you professionally in the analysis, conception and implementation of your projects.

I offer you an up-to-date blended-learning concept for your executives, hot topics that fit the challenges of this highly complex time and – if required – a well-rehearsed, professional team of trainers.

A picture with three photos side by side. On the far left a photo of a seminar room is shown, in the middle a photo of people at a table in dialogue, you only see their hands, on the right a photo of flipchart pictures on some PIN walls, in the middle of the training room. The text leadership training is pulled through.

Leadership training – purely analog

In my trainings and workshops, people come into pure dialogue, which makes learning together possible. We only need a pen and a flipchart. The absolute focus is on development, in full presence, from person to person, without distraction, without frills. This can take place in typical training groups, in large groups or in small groups, directly “on the job”.

Leadership training – highly digital

Of course, a development program needs digital support. I make compact knowledge digitally available for you on my learning platform. Your managers are then only determined by their curiosity, desire to learn and mood. Whenever and wherever they want, they take the knowledge and turn it into skills. They will use their mobile phone, their tablet and their laptop to learn and develop themselves further. Take off into the digital learning world! Simple DEMO course: Link to the learning platform (example in German) BLINK.it HPWALLNER – Highly Digital – BLINKit

My thematic focus in leadership and management training

Today, leaders and managers must be able to act “ambidextrously”, thus develop the competence of ambidextry. This means that they master the classic management of optimization just as well as agile leadership for transformation. My topics therefore cover both worlds and prepare managers/leaders for the challenges of today’s world.

  • The entry into the world of leadership: Classic leadership training “Fit for leadership” for “high potentials
  • Self-Leadership – Leadership begins with self-management (my book: “Focus Self-Leadership”) – The path to a mature leadership personality
  • Change Leadership – leadership in times of change. Classical leadership tasks in the change process
  • Transformational and agile leadership – Getting to know the new world of the living organization and getting in touch with the future of leadership
  • For top executives: Mastering complexity – ambidextry, dealing with uncertainty and contradiction

I will gladly support you in the conception of your development program.

Customer testimonials “leadership training”

Mag. Doris Korcak

„Developing leadership culture – with Heinz Peter Wallner we have found the right companion. With empathy and appreciation he manages to encourage, challenge and inspire our managers in the Leadership Program, to make them curious about who they are and who they could become. An extremely attentive listener who patiently picks up the people he works with exactly where they are. Humour, composure and a curious attitude characterise him, as well as a sound knowledge of the demands on managers in an agile and complex world. Thanks to his many years of training experience, he conveys the security that people need to take development steps. We have found in him not only a partner on the topic of leadership, but also someone who moderates strategy processes with great attention and thus accompanies the change of the company. Many thanks for the excellent cooperation.“

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    This post is also available in: German