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My partner network

The diversity of perspectives from a network of highly competent people creates the basis for good solutions. I greatly appreciate the cooperation with my partners. And so do my customers!

Gerti Walch has a particular effect on people. She is incredibly present and empathic. This not only brings about development in people, I would say it also heals. Many organizations entrust her with the leadership for development work. Personally, as a colleague trainer, I particularly appreciate the cooperation with Gerti Walch because of her professionalism, her serenity and her closeness to people. She offers supervision, coaching, management training, team development and process support.

Mag. Gregor Heise, Founder of “Heisetraining”. He is my partner in many projects, if you ask yourself: How do I get my daily management routine stress-free? How do I manage to organize myself in the best possible way? How can I motivate and inspire my employees? How can I be successful as a new manager? Gregor Heise supports you in achieving your plans with calmness, overview, composure and in accordance with your values. We both call this self-management. Together we offer training services also in digital form.

Frau Mag. Nina Eibl-Hausleitner, Die Entwicklerei. She has set itself the goal of supporting people and organisations with individually tailored leadership development offers. The core of her work is organizational consulting, training and facilitation. Her range of services is aimed at profit and non-profit organisations, adult education institutions and non-governmental organisations. Together we are active in leadership development.

Mag. Ursula Riegler, Ursula Riegler Consulting e.U.: Over 22 years of experience in agencies, politics and international corporations and a versatile bundle of expertise make Ursula Riegler an extremely valuable partner. Whenever major strategic challenges arise, she can bring all her strengths to bear. Strategy, positioning, reputation, public affairs, but also organization, change management and cultural development are her areas of expertise. With her HR experience she is also the right partner for recruiting. Her professional and personal passion belongs to the culinary arts, to food from production to consumption.

Univ.Prof.Dr. Josef Scheff, 361 Consulting Group. Prof. Scheff is one of the most relevant strategy and organizational consultants in Austria. He and his team of the 361 Consulting Group provide clients with comprehensive support. His consultations only stop when the success in the company has been achieved. In our joint projects we offer our customers more competence, more experience in specific industries and more personal commitment.

Susanne Oberleitner-Fulmek, Organizational developer and management coach, managing partner ViAcona GmbH. Typical for her is a creative and solution-oriented approach in an appreciative cooperative attitude. I have experienced her as passionate in the accompaniment of forward-looking future planning. Her focus is on future-oriented corporate management, vision and strategy development, change management, cultural change, cultural analysis and value development. A new focus includes generation management, age-appropriate work – NESTOR GOLD and Personal Mastery with ZRM(R) Zurich Resource Model.

Mag. Michael A. Defranceschi, CBC, CBT, CDC, Mr. Defranceschi recognized early on that digitization offers enormous opportunities for personnel and organizational development. In doing so, he puts the human factor right at the centre: as a customer, as an employee, as a manager. His motto: “Recognize the obvious and act accordingly, that’s enough.” With its digitally supported consulting approach Quod.X® he makes managers a simple offer: Finding your way in complex situations.  “Time2Lead” 2020 time2lead_Einzelperson und 2020 time2lead_Team. And we work closely together on these issues.

Mihai Isman, our cooperation partner in Frankfurt, offers conflict consulting in the business environment, support for companies in negotiations, professional moderation of events, as well as seminars on leadership, conflict management, project management and self-development. His consulting services focus on the empowerment of companies and people. He believes that successful negotiation requires assertiveness, but also empathy. Courage, but also strong nerves. A bit of luck, but also a lot of know-how. And last but not least: good preparation. And Mr. Isman brings all these qualities and skills with him.

Dr. Andrea Emerich is a long-time cooperation partner in management development. Her wealth of experience, her skills and her proximity to practice make her a popular trainer and consultant. Focal points: Organizational development, team development, leadership development.

Dr. Reinhard Günzl is our cooperation partner in management development. Following a very individual development path, Dr. Reinhard Günzl first implemented his industrial leadership experience in organizational consulting and later integrated it into systemic consulting. New training methods and consulting products have emerged from numerous consulting projects and intensive personality development: Creativity and intuition become the driving forces and companions of proven leadership approaches and – in the most essential optimized way – management methods.


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    This post is also available in: German