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Moonshots skills of leadership

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Are you in a management and leadership responsibility?

If you also have the feeling that leadership is becoming more and more complex and that new problems are constantly coming up, then you have come to the right place. My job is to accompany managers to a “higher level” where they can master the new challenges that intensive change brings with all its uncertainties, contradictions and increasing complexity much better and with joy. My question is: “What are the moonshots skills of leadership?”

In the middle of a fog?

The future is full of uncertainties. Nevertheless, it is a management responsibility to give employees a sense of security. You must therefore make the impossible possible: convey security when there is none. You have two options. Take a break and go salmon fishing in Canada or enter directly the agile management world, with all the consequences. If you want the latter, I will be happy to help you with my know-how, my experience and my diverse, very concrete offers and services. Learning to change!

Are you in a Human Resource responsibility?

Then I am pleased to be contacted by you! I would be happy to accompany you in the conception and implementation of holistic leadership/employee development projects and in the successful anchoring of a lived value culture in your organisation. If you wish, I can offer you a client of my trust in addition to my references, with whom you can exchange ideas. With many of my clients a valuable cooperation has developed over many years. I would be happy to give you an insight into this. Learning to change!

Motivation and commitment – just a daydream?

The old saying: “Managers can only demotivate people” is too one-sided. Of course, people can easily be demotivated, but they can also be motivated! And it is the leadership’s responsibility to really think about it. It makes a lot of sense to enter into an intensive dialogue about completely new ways to support high-performance teams. Commitment follows from a context of meaning that people recognize and in which they feel embedded and protected. Talk to me about the opportunities that are available today for leaders to get back into the “flow of living and meaningful work”. Learning to change!

Think leadership in a whole new way?

Management has come under criticism. The classic management, once the safe bank for success, has become dull and grey. Although every manager has to be able to master traditional management, completely new leadership skills have been added today, which provide the spot of color and make success possible in the first place. Let’s call it “agile leadership” or “mindful leadership” or “transformational leadership”, in any case new skills need to be acquired and trained. I would be very happy to support you. Learning to change!

The world around you becomes agile, but your world feels rigid and fixed?

Don’t let yourself be misled. What is called agile is often just a tender attempt to get out of hierarchies and bureaucratic organizations. Few really make it. What we really understand by ” vitality” in organization and leadership today and which paths lead there, needs a dialouge. One thing is certain: Many paths lead to the new liveliness, but you have to go one of them! Without a lived culture of values it will not work. Learning to change!

Are there any solutions?

There are always solutions! As you know, “most problems only arise when we solve them”, so there is no problem without a solution (said Leonardo da Vinci). The more complex our leadership world becomes, the more important a clear focus gets. I advise you to focus on “Self-Leadership”. In self-leadership lies the true “moonshot skills” for modern leaders. Which are these? Start with an emotional-intuitive competence, as a first example.

Do they exist, the “Moonshot Skills” for leaders and managers?

What really takes us to “higher levels”? How do we learn to deal with exponential change? Today it is a question of combining all processes of change; all things transform simultaneously – everything comes together and has an unpredictable effect. We can no longer deal with just one topic and go into depth because change is overtaking us. But we can reflect on being human, on what makes us what we are and what sets us apart from machines, robots and computers. More humanity, more vitality, more intuition, more creativity, more imagination, more fun, more play, more consciousness, more heart. This is where the moonshots skills for managers can be found.

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    This post is also available in: German